How To – Mixed Menu Setup

[cro_callout text=”Chef Val’s new summer menu. Example of a mixed content menu setup with different elements grouped together” layout=”1″ color=”#FBFBFB”]


[cro_menu no=”20″ type=”1″]

[cro_menuq title=”Seared Foie Gras” desc=”grilled peach, ricotta cannoli, balsamic reduction” price=”$0-00″]

[cro_menuq title=”Corvina Tiradito” desc=”avocado, apple, dried tuna, radish” price=”$15-36″]

[cro_menuq title=”Lobster Tempura” desc=”sweet & sour shiitake dipping sauce” price=”$45-00″]

[cro_menuq title=”Wood Grilled Bruschetta” desc=”white beans, roasted garlic, sliced prosciutto” price=”$19-99″]


[cro_team no=”8″]

[cro_gallery no=”19″]



[cro_menu no=”20″ type=”1″]


[cro_menu no=”22″ type=”1″]


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