Bits and Bobs

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Bits and Bobs, Doors and Knobs, Windows and Junk, In Suzi’s Truck is a gem of a shop run by owner, Suzanne Lowell.

“I’m an old soul who loves vintage anything,” said Suzanne. “I fell in love with history so I seek out antiques that carry history with them.”

Suzanne started collecting old discarded doors and windows she found in her neighborhood and has been re-purposing them for nearly 10 years now.

“The trend now is to cut out the old door panels and then remount them to door in the form of shelves,” said Suzanne. “The old doors are fantastically heavy, so you can easily prop them up in a corner and use the “door” as a shelf display.”

In addition to selling old doors and windows, you can find sewing machines, typewriters, model airplanes, books, record albums, glassware, insulators, and other oddities in her shop.

“I regularly come across wonderful trinkets in my hunts,” said Suzanne, “so I’ve started incorporating the finds into my handmade crosses that I build in my workshop.”

You can find just about anything at Bits and Bobs, but if you can’t, Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge and she will gladly point you in the right direction to search out your desire.

“In short, I am a second-hand, antique, history re-purposing shop.” Said Suzanne. “So come on by and browse through the nostalgia!”

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