Upchurch Cooking Firewood

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Kyle Upchurch graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Organic Farming. He wanted to stay true to his degree and passion so he started a Cooking Wood business from the ground up a few years ago. This wood used for cooking comes straight from fruit orchards and pecan orchards. When a tree in the orchard stops producing fruit, this wood is cut down and processed to fit in BBQ smokers, pizza ovens and more. Instead of throwing the wood away or burning it, the most sustainable way to utilize it is to cook and grill amazing food. This includes cooking seafood, meats, pork, chicken, wood fired pizza ovens, grilling vegetables and fruit.

A majority of the business is shipping cooking wood and Santa Fe Pinion wood anywhere from Puerto Rico and from Maine to Washington State. Anywhere UPS can ship wood to the customers doorstep, it can be sent there.

“Our Santa Fe Pinion wood is imported from the New Mexico Mountains,” said Kyle.

Pinion wood is known as the “smell of Christmas” and is used year round in outdoor fireplaces and chimineas. In the summertime, Pinion wood repels bugs and mosquitoes.

“We love the smell of Pinion but all the bugs, insects and mosquitoes fly away as soon as they smell it,” said Kyle. “This is a highly effective and Organic way instead of spraying dangerous chemicals on your skin like deet and OFF.”

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