It takes a lot of love, labor, and talent to bring life to The Market. Our produce may be absolutely delectable, the antiques priceless, and the hand grown plants colorfully stunning and shock-free but the real treasures that make this place so special are the people.


[cro_accordionitem title=”Our Friends and Business Affiliates” item=”active” ]Many souls have passed through our doors and many more will continue to do so in the years to come. We’ve compiled this ever-growing list of local professionals who – in their own contributions – have made our lives a little easier[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Marketing, Design and Promotional Services” item=”” ]Christine Collins, digital branding and communications | (405) 535-1476 |

Joshua Gateley, photography and art media | (405) 819-7575 |

Ben Jenkins, web development | (901) 497-7102 |

Jodi and Mark Hinkle, video production | (405) 778-9914 | [/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Discounted Hospitality Services” item=”” ]Candlewood Suites of Oklahoma City, hotel accommodations | 1-877-834-3613 | Book Online

The Colcord, hotel accommodations | (405) 601-4300 and 1-866-781-3800 | Book Online[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Local Artisan Resources” item=”” ]Earth Elements Entrepreneurs Kitchen, business development resources | (405) 231-1919 and (405) 517-3933 | Complete an Application[/cro_accordionitem]